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Surplusing Committee holds second meeting

The surplusing committee held its second meeting on February 21. In preparation, BUSD Staff made a major distribution of documents on the history, geology, structure, and economic possibilities of the Hillside School property. Find those documents here: Hillside>Documents. At the meeting, the committee discussed the documents extensively.

The members continued to get to know each other, and chose Robert Jackson, one of our neighbors, as chairperson. At this meeting, the committee appeared to be moving towards recommending that BUSD surplus the Hillside property; but many questions remain. BUSD could sell the property outright, or lease it for a continuing revenue stream. For BUSD, capital funding is less of a problem than operating funds shortfalls. This gives BUSD a strong incentive to have a continuing, rather than one-time, revenue inflow from the Hillside property.

The next Committee meeting is on Thursday, March 23. Earlier on that date, at 5:00 PM, the Committee will have a walk-through of the school, which neighbors may join.

Word document: Minutes of 2-21-2006 Surplusing Committee meeting